Area Information

Situated approximately 430 kilometres out of Cape Town, George is widely regarded as the hub of the Southern Cape Region, and an ideal base from which to explore the Southern Cape and Little Karoo. George is easily accessible with a good road network and George Airport which links the Southern Cape and Little Karoo hinterland to the major centres of South Africa. It is the business hub of the region and offers a variety of conference facilities, restaurants, tourist attractions and activities.

George offers a variety of activities throughout the year. The Outeniqua Transport Museum houses a large collection of steam locomotives and carriages dating back to the glorious age of steam. The museum is also the departure and arrival point for the Outeniqua Power Van, a motorized trolley which offers trips deep into the Outeniqua Mountains from where the most scenic views of the Garden Route can be experienced.

Enjoy country pleasures while exploring the Outeniqua Country Hop Route. Winding up from the delightful Herolds Bay on the R404, turning off through farmlands to explore strawberry and herb farms and partake in cheese and candle making while children and adults alike enjoy the dairy farm, horse riding and mountain biking.

The more energetic can play serious or amateur golf, walk or cycle the foothills of the Outeniqua Mountains. Blanco still retains the quaintness of an old fashioned village with diverse cultures and budding entrepreneurs. Drive up the Outeniqua Pass and explore the hops and flower farms of Waboomskraal. Complete the route by exploring the old Montagu Pass, constructed by engineer Sir Henry Fancourt-White, to Herold. Visit the Herold Wines cellar and the 4 x 4 routes.

The Outeniqua Hop Route also features excellent accommodation and restaurants. George is especially known for its wealth of wild flowers, and the red George lily (Cyrtanthus elatus), which is unique to the Southern Cape, figures prominently on the George municipal logo.

George has much to offer the visitor with its city-like infrastructure but not forgetting its small town roots.

George Climate

George's mild Mediterranean type climate makes it possible to participate in outdoor activities throughout the year. Summer temperatures average 26°C and winter temperatures average 14°C in the daytime. It is one of the highest rainfall regions in South Africa. Most rain falls in the winter and spring months, brought by the humid sea winds from the Indian Ocean.

  • The Strawberry Express
    This is one activity that will have the kids going full steam ahead! The track of this miniature steam train is approximately 900 metres long and will take you chugging along through the strawberry fields and into tunnels all with the beautiful Outeniqua Mountains as a backdrop. Thereís a station to embark and disembark at and children and adults are welcome to ride. A ride costs R10 for children and R20 for adults. Itís all thanks to the hard work of the George Live Steamers Club who did the track-laying and model building.

  • Quad Biking
    If youíre not quite ready to jump onto the back of a motorbike but want something a little more adventurous than a 4x4 thereís really nothing better than quad biking.

  • Outeniqua Power Van
    The Outeniqua Power Van is a motorized rail trolley in George which offers trips deep into the Outeniqua Mountains from where the most scenic views of the Garden Route can be experienced. The rail trolley travels through the Outeniqua Mountains with its spectacular fynbos, scenic passes, tunnels, waterfalls and wildlife.
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  • George Botanical Gardens
    The Garden Route Botanical Gardens in Caledon Street in the heart of the Garden Route and has become a conservation and environmental education hub for the Southern Cape of South Africa. It Showcases a plethora of indigenous vegetation with the Outeniqua Mountains as backdrop.
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